Pine Star is the product of hospitality expert, Chef Brian Sumner. Pine Star is the quintessential pub and beer garden, a place to meet old friends while making new ones, where some of your best laughs, celebrations and heart-to-heart conversations are made.

It boasts outstanding signature drinks, mouth-watering savory food, excellent customer service, and the highest safety standards in the industry. Pine Star's ambiance is inviting, warm, and comfortable, making guests feel relaxed and welcomed visit after visit.

Pine Star features unbelievably delicious comfort and elevated tavern foods with some surprises that are prepared using innovative cooking technologies that drastically improve the quality, flavor and consistency of every dish. Our approach is to provide our customers high-quality menu selections in the safest dining environment possible. That is why Pine Star is home to a ‘Futuristic Kitchen.’ Executive Chef Brian Sumner recognized the advances in innovative cooking technology that could drastically improve the quality, flavor and consistency compared to the standard restaurant’s kitchen. The kitchen we have designed and created is truly revolutionary.

We designed and cultivated our beverage menu with new takes on cocktail standards as well as beloved classics. Our signature cocktails use some of the most advanced mixology techniques. You can’t have a tavern and beer garden without great beer! Pine Star utilizes technology that delivers the perfect temperature draft beer every time it’s poured. As with spirits, the beer selection highlights local and regional choices.

Brian Sumner established a food and safety system which builds trust and transparency with patrons by committing to the highest safety standards. He created the system with guest and staff safety in mind while building Pine Star. The restaurant is centered on “Pine Star’s Food And Safety System”. Here, every product, preparation, cooking, plating, and service program is designed to remove possible viral, biological, and other contaminants. This methodology also allows for the use of excellent quality foods, delivering delicious, consistent flavors to customers.